About Us

To Our Members, Stakeholders, and Community Partners:

Coastal Carolinas Health Alliance (CCHA) formed in July 1993 with a mission to improve the quality and delivery of healthcare through regional collaboration, networking, and sharing of best practices. Nearly thirty years and numerous initiatives later, we can say CCHA has accomplished that mission.  Despite the excellent work of our leadership and staff, as well as our desire to sustain the organization, it is with a heavy heart that we announce Coastal Carolinas Health Alliance is closing.

This organization has worked shoulder-to-shoulder with its members to meet growing needs, face new challenges, and stay ahead of emerging trends. Thanks to the thought leadership of our Board, project teams, and staff, CCHA was able to launch programs, grant initiatives, and collaborative ventures, which made it unique among regional health alliances nationwide.

Our Mobile Simulation Program took high-fidelity patient simulation to our member facilities, the Coastal Connect Health Information Exchange provided an accurate, timely, and secure exchange of patient information between connected hospitals, practices, and providers throughout this region, state, and nation. Our many project teams reflected the diverse range of collaboration and sharing that this organization facilitated. Business contracts, educational events, and community-centric initiatives helped us build a rapport, trust, and sense of ownership among our members.

We celebrate thirty years of success! We sincerely appreciate the time, service, and dedication of all CCHA members, both past and present! Our shared accomplishments have contributed to the current state of our region and laid the groundwork for the next generation of collaborative enterprises that will beneficially impact healthcare.