CARES Mission Statement
“CARES is a backup emergency communications service operated jointly by volunteer licensed amateur radio operators and CCHA member hospitals to address public health communication needs in times of crisis.”

CARES Background & Information
CCHA’s Board of Directors unanimously agreed to partner with our region’s HAM radio operator community to provide cost effective regional back-up emergency communications during natural or man-made disasters. The CARES repeater network was activated in October 2008, becoming the third hospital emergency ham radio initiative undertaken in the United States.

CARES provides a communications link among member hospitals in southeastern North Carolina and northeastern South Carolina. The initiative depends on licensed volunteer radio operators to transmit vital information regarding regional health care needs. Issues involving hospital capacity, damage assessment, staffing, and availability of needed supplies can be coordinated between hospitals when other means of communication are not functioning. This public service project continues to serve as a prototype for other health-based emergency communications systems around the country.

See our C.A.R.E.S. brochure by clicking here.